Setting app log level

If you use qpylib logging and a log_level endpoint like the one in the sample helloworld app, you can create your own targeted web requests to the app for the following route:

Table 1. Request route

</tr> </tbody> </table> ## Viewing logs within the host directory All logs are located in the `/opt/app-root/store/log` directory of the container.
Route Format Description
POST /log_level POST https://{console_ip}/console/plugins/{application_id}/app_proxy/log_level</br> form body: level = ‘INFO’</br> ‘DEBUG’</br> ‘ERROR’</br> ‘WARNING’</br> ‘CRITICAL’</td> Dynamically define the level of logging that you want your app to capture. Post a form with an attribute level that is set to one of the log level values to this endpoint. QRadar® dynamically resets the log collection levels in your/opt/app-root/store/log/app.log file.