App logs

App logs are stored in the /opt/app-root/store/log directory of your application’s Docker container.

The /opt/app-root/store/log directory contains 6 log files by default.

The first 3 log files contain stdout and stderr from startup shell scripts that now execute during container startup:

  • contains the output from
  • contains the output from
  • contains the output from

The next 3 files are for supervisord and the app itself:

  • app.log is the log file that is created by the qpylib library. Logging calls to the qpylib.log() method are written in the app.log file.
  • startup.log is the initial start-up log for the application. This log is useful for confirming that initialization of the app completed successfully. For example, it indicates whether flask has started without errors in this log.
  • supervisord.log contains the stderr and stdout from supervisord process.

Adding logging to your app

The IBM® QRadar® Python helper library (qpylib) contains two useful functions that you can use to add logging to your app.

Setting app log level

Use built-in routes to create HTTP requests download, view, and set log collection levels.