API sample code

IBM® QRadar® API samples are stored in a GitHub repository for each version of QRadar. As new versions of QRadar are released, a new link is posted with code samples to help customers use APIs and features.

The samples are provided for educational use. When you download the code samples, you are presented with theIBM Developer terms of use. Read the terms of use before you download the code samples. You must agree to the terms to download the files.

What are the requirements to run the code samples?

The sample scripts that you download are designed to work with the relevant QRadar version. For example, samples for QRadar 7.2.7 must be used with QRadar 7.2.7 only.

API sample scripts that are downloaded from the GitHub page must not run directly on a QRadar appliance. They are intended to run on an external host that polls data from QRadar.

External hosts must use Python 3.3 to run the code samples. QRadar does not run Python 3.3. QRadar cannot be upgraded to Python 3.3. Do not install RPMs on your QRadar Console unless the files come from IBM Fix Central.

You can verify the software version on the Console from the Dashboard tab, by selecting the Help > About. Download the appropriate code samples for the QRadar version. A branch is created for each QRadar version in GitHub, and you can download the specific branch for your QRadar version.