GET /qni/stacking/stacks/{stack_id}

Retrieves a QNI stack, as specified by the stack ID.

Retrieves a QNI stack, as specified by the stack ID.

Table 1. GET /qni/stacking/stacks/{stack_id} resource details


Table 2. GET /qni/stacking/stacks/{stack_id} request parameter details
Parameter Type Optionality Data Type MIME Type Description




Number (Integer)


Required - The ID of the QNI stack to retrieve.






Optional - Use this parameter to specify which fields you would like to get back in the response. Fields that are not named are excluded. Specify subfields in brackets and multiple fields in the same object are separated by commas.

Table 3. GET /qni/stacking/stacks/{stack_id} response codes
HTTP Response Code Unique Code Description


The requested QNI stack has been retrieved.



The stack ID is not found.



An error occurred attempting to retrieve QNI stack.

Response Description

A QNI stack. The QNI stack contains the following fields:
  • stack_id - Long - The ID of the QNI stack.
  • hosts - List<Host> - The list of the QNI managed hosts in the stack.
  • name - String - The name of the QNI stack.
  • ports_type - enum - Port configuration type for the QNI stack. The possible values are:
    • IN_4
    • IN_2_OUT_2
    • IN_1_OUT_1
    • IN_1_OUT_3
    • IN_3_OUT_1
  • inspection_level - Optional - Enumeration - The depth of content inspection. The possible values are:
    • BASIC - Lowest level of inspection. Flows are detected by 5-tuple, and the number of bytes and packets that are flowing in each direction are counted.
    • ENRICHED - Each flow is identified and inspected by one of the protocol or domain inspectors. The inspection can generate many kinds of attributes.
    • ADVANCED - The highest level of inspection. It does everything that the Enriched level does, but it also scans and inspects the content of the files that it finds.
    • DEFAULT - Indicates that the QNI host is configured to use the globally-set inspection level.
  • raw_payload - Optional - Long - The maximum amount of data (Bytes) that the QFlow Collector captures and retains in the flow payload. The possible values are:
    • -1: The QNI host is set to use the globally-set raw payload setting
    • 0: Turn off the payload
    • 1 - 32768: Number of bytes

Response Sample

    "hosts": [
            "host_id": 42,
            "host_ip": "String",
            "primary": true
    "inspection_level": "String <one of: BASIC, ADVANCED, ENRICHED, DEFAULT>",
    "name": "String",
    "ports_type": "String <one of: IN_4, IN_2_OUT_2, IN_1_OUT_1, IN_1_OUT_3, IN_3_OUT_1>",
    "raw_payload": 42,
    "stack_id": 42